Thank you to everyone who came out to tryouts this year. We understand how daunting, stressful, and tiring the process can be, and we truly appreciate all the hard work you have put in. Unfortunately, due to limited time, court space, and coaching, we were unable to take everyone who tried out. As the tennis program continues to grow, we look forward to working with you. We thank you for your effort, and we hope that even if you were unable to make a team this year, you continue with the sport.


Coach Ho – Varsity Coach
Coach Ed – JV Coach

Congratulations 2024 Capistrano Valley Boys Tennis!


  1. Dillon Han (12)
  2. John Kenney (12)
  3. Sam Lasater (12)
  4. Jace Motakef (12)
  5. Dylan Chen (11)
  6. Brandom Kemmer (11)
  7. Ryan Mirbolooki (11)
  8. Kaden Tabone (11)
  9. Nemitha Dassanayake (10)
  10. Gavin Han (10)
  11. Darian Irvani (10)


  1. Zain Mansoor (12)
  2. Luke Neumeister (12)
  3. Ben Javaheri (11)
  4. Ryan Volmer (11)
  5. Sam Martinez-Holle (11)
  6. Arjay Chang (10)
  7. Leo Davanzo (10)
  8. Landon Doi (10)
  9. Travis Dekel (10)
  10. George Furuyama (10)
  11. John Lass (10)
  12. Theo Ng (10)
  13. Devaya Rao (10)
  14. Mikey Schwartz (10)
  15. Taylor Storie (10)
  16. Artemis Anderson (9)
  17. Iivari Martinez-Holle (9)


We will be holding informal practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays during 6th period after Thanksgiving break. These practices will only be for two weeks, and they will end the week before Finals. These practices are purely optional as we try to shake off the rust from the off-season.

Official tennis practices will begin the first day of second semester. If you’re currently enrolled in a winter sport, you will continue with that sport until its conclusion, then you will transfer into Tennis.

Darian Irvani
2023 Sea View League Singles Champion
Boys Tennis
2023 Sea View League Champions
Dillon Han & Jace Motakef
2023 Sea View League Boys Doubles Champions
Raina Haque & Kellie Hoang
2022 Undefeated Sea View League Doubles Champions
Girls Tennis
2022 Undefeated Sea View League Champions
Siena Huang
2022 Sea View League Singles Runner Up